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My Approach

My unique approach of using acupuncture as a comprehensive and somatic modality, addressing all aspects of being, treats a wide variety of concerns and conditions.

Stress-related conditions such as headaches, migraines, digestive imbalances, addictive habits, insomnia, and mood swings usually respond rather quickly to acupuncture.

Systemic conditions, such as high blood pressure, fatigue, depression and anxiety, auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, many allergies, chronic pain, emotional or physical trauma (including from medical procedures) usually take a course of regular sessions over time to recede and heal.

I offer integrative and comprehensive treatments, drawing from my training as a somatic therapist and acupuncturist. In my treatments, we look at alleviating acute symptoms, while simultaneously strengthening your constitution, so that the immediate does not have to become chronic. Each session is an inquiry into the somatic and emotional aspects of your life.  My goal is to have you feel better than when you walked in the door, and to have this improvement grow over time, allowing for, and promoting healthy, intuitive choices.

What to Expect

A typical acupuncture session includes verbal check-in and intuitive processing of what presents as a current issue in your life. Once you lie down on the table, I take your pulses to get an initial reading of the state of your energy. I decide on a treatment plan, and then inserts the acupuncture needles. Often, moxabustion is also used, gently warming the selected acupuncture points. Throughout the session, I will continue to check your pulses to see how the treatment takes effect; additional points may be needed to adjust the treatment to the body’s healing process. I stay in the room and in close relationship with you throughout the hour.

Phone sessions allow for a unique and intuitive focus, integrating eating psychology, somatics, nutrition, trauma and grief work, family constellation work, and acupuncture principles. I am your ally, your guide, your positive voice to help you attain deep appreciation of this amazing body you live in! These sessions are geared towards supporting your journey towards health and well-being, offering deep listening and informed guidance, supporting your innate healing potential to facilitate lasting shifts in awareness and life style.

Home visits are also available.

To schedule an appointment, please call 720-470-9204.