My Background

My Training

I am a licensed acupuncturist, certifed by the national board (NCCAOM). My primary acupuncture training is in Classical Five Element Acupuncture; I also studied Japanese Meridian Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the Kototama approach.

While my treatments focus on alleviating what is most primarily disturbing, I address in depth the holistic well-being of my patients. Body, mind, emotions, and spirit are always attended to, in every session. To me, this is crucial – you cannot take away (negative) symptoms without putting (positive) resources in place.

I hold a MA in Somatic Psychotherapy from The Naropa University and am also a Certified Eating Psychology Counselor, having studied with Marc David at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I integrate these trainings in my treatments, and also offer Eating Psychology Counseling sessions on their own.

My Background

I grew up in Germany, and moved to the US in 1978. Working in the environment of a fast-paced publishing business, my healing journey began when I became sick and disillusioned. I turned to dance and yoga, and found my body! After a painful divorce, I decided to enroll in the certifcate training of the School of Body-Mind Centering, in Amherst, MA. I experienced profound change.

Graduating from this amazing and truly body-centered program, I realized that I needed tools to work with the emotions coming up for my clients as they went through deep, somatic transformations. I found my way to The Naropa Institute (now The Naropa University) and was the first student to graduate from their Body Psychology program, in 1993.

I worked with addictions, trauma, grief, and developmental issues in my private practice as a somatic psychotherapist. I also taught anatomy and physiology, as well as group process and embodiment, in Naropa’s graduate program. For several months I supported the Somatic Department by taking the position of assistant director. In addition, I supervised graduate students in their internships and fieldwork.