Metabolic BalanceⓇ


What is Metabolic BalanceⓇ (MB)?

MB will literally change your life: a personalized eating plan, based on your comprehensive blood test, will rebuild and promote the healthy functioning of your metabolism. Weight that doesn’t benefit you energetically will rebalance. Rather than embarking on yet another crash diet or cleanse, I as your coach will guide you through the food choices and habits that will be most supportive and balancing for your body – with lasting results.

Who is it for?

MB is for anyone who would like to improve their health – we especially address issues of inflammation, hormonal and metabolic weight gain, and blood lipid and glucose imbalances. MB is an amazing tool of re-entry into a new life phase: peri- and post-menopause, after childbirth and nursing, or as a recovery phase from any major life change that caused great stress.

What can you expect from going through a Metabolic BalanceⓇ eating plan?

You will find a wide variety of foods and meal options in your individualized MB plan. There are different phases in which very simple rules apply: let the plan do its magic by following these and you will get great results in terms of improved health and easy weight loss. As your coach, I will be here for you every step of the way, educating and guiding you, as well as supporting you in your process at whatever depth you need.

About your coach:


I grew up tall and skinny, eating everything I liked for most of my life, and marvelling at the diet fads around me. Then menopause happened and with it a, for me, unprecedented weight gain. I was stumped. “Eat less and exercise more” was certainly not working. Any stress increased my weight – which, in turn, became a major stressor: physical exercise became more cumbersome, sleep was affected, inflammation took hold of my body and became a daily reminder of an unbalanced state.

I tried supplements and crash diets, 5 AM bootcamps and green juices, but my body remained unhappy and my energy kept decreasing precariously. My training as a somatic therapist and acupuncturist helped me to see that there was more to this huge shift than external, band-aid approaches.

My body had shifted, after all these years, into fat storing mode, triggered by a prolonged survival-mode dominance in my nervous system. Yup. It was time to find a way to calm things down and turn them around.

I found Metabolic Balance, and loved the eating plan. Though there are restrictions in the early phases of the plan, I never felt deprived, and the guidance of good coaching helped me through detoxing and shifting in body, mind, and spirit. I lost 20 pounds very quickly – and as I continued to expand into the maintenance phase of the plan, I kept enjoying “my” foods and the new guidelines I had learned. My weight and energy level remained stable.

My MB plan has become second nature, and, best of all, I have an increased knowing of what foods are best for me and when to eat – and when it’s time to let go of the plan and just celebrate the bounty of it all!

I love sharing Metabolic Balance with my clients, because it is a health plan first and foremost, with weight loss being the positive side effect of regained metabolic balance.

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